Godess Artemis And Wine

We pick you up from your hotel or a central point in the city and we follow the Athens Riviera route. Within 45 minutes we visit the archaeological site of Vravrona in a charming landscape by the northern coast of Attica. The Temple is dedicated to the Goddess Artemis and the museum is full of beautiful and interesting findings.

Then we move to the vineyards. Savatiano grape variety has been cultivated here since the ancient times. You will learn the history of Savatiano and the Attica region, the ancient ways of wine making and retsina, the terroir and the climate and I will answer most of your questions. On the way to the medieval Tower of Vravrona, we pass by plantations of pistachio nuts, fig trees, olive groves and vegetable gardens. We make a quick stop to taste and buy the seasonal local products.

Then we visit the medieval, tiny chapel of Virgin Mary of Baraba, surrounded by vineyards. In this peaceful landscape I will offer you the first glass of Savatiano wine. Then we head to the winery of the most famous producer in Attica, an amazing, modern, family-run, award-winning winery. You  ’ll taste five wines or more, accompanied by nuts, cheese and bread.

After the relaxing wine tasting we take the road back and I continue the storytelling about the history of Athens and the wines.

Duration 4.30 hours.

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Godess Artemis And Wine